Thursday, January 30, 2014


Sometimes I have a bad day.  I bite people's heads off.  I curse. I yell.  I feel frustrated.  However I always remember one thing, it could be worse.

Some people when they wake up, they cannot do the things you and I can do.

They can't eat and drink right.  They can't get out of bed without assistance.  They can't move around without the help of a wheelchair or crutches.  Some people cannot see the beautiful sunrise.  Some people cannot hear the sound of birds chirping.  And worse off, some people don't wake up because they could be in a coma.

It's easy to take for granted all the things you have in your life because the stress and problems may cloud that.  We live in a right now mentality, where we need to take care of our business.  If we don't pay the bills, we could be homeless.  If we don't get our work done, we may be unemployed.  If we don't get food, we'll go hungry.  I think you get the picture.

This is one of my biggest weaknesses.  I forget there is a bigger picture and there is much to be happy for.  I let my problems and insecurities consume me.  However, I believe this is something that you and I can work on together.  We need to understand that when God gives us a day to wake up, breathe, and smell the roses, that this is a gift and we must take advantage of it.

Yes, we all have pressures and issues.  However we must remember the true reason we are here.  To enjoy time with the family, to make peace with our lives, and to enjoy every minute we can.  Sure we might have to bust ass to get there, but remember that its always here waiting for us, every second we take a breath on this Earth.  You and I need to take a moment to remember that.

After all, it's a beautiful morning.

Mike C

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