Thursday, January 23, 2014


Justin Bieber is a troubled youngster.  Catapulted to fame way too early for not having talent.  Some jabroni thought it would be a good idea to give him a shot based off of his moronic You Tube videos.  That of course is my opinion because there are many beliebers out there that will tell you otherwise.

However, the fascination of his trials and tribulations is what befuddles me.

Yes I am guilty of posting a joke about him getting a DUI and going to jail and what not.  Many of us did.  It's what America does.  Pass judgment on kids who act like little shits and laugh when they fall. Ha ha ha.  Then we move on.

However, a friend of mine posted this on facebook today and I will let the video speak for itself:

So we interrupted an interview pertaining to national security and privacy to talk about this fricking clown who got a DUI?

There's only two possibilities here.

The first, MSNBC doesn't have a clue how to do things.  Perhaps, the tryst of young Justin is compelling TV and some people really care about this nit wit.

Or, MSNBC was ordered to pull the plug on the story.

The media is regulated and MSNBC is owned by NBC which is owned by General Electric.  What is the connection with General Electric and this story?  This is here in case you didn't know.

Either way you look at it, its quite a disturbing trend.  Our media is regulated by the government, but there are limits, supposedly.

Look I didn't want to write a conspiracy piece.  I really wanted to get to the meat of the matter here.  If you are someone who is into the government using mind control tricks and stuff like that, let me give you a minute to get it out of your system.

*pausing and getting a drink of water*

OK.  Here's the point.  We as a society need to understand celebs are normal people like us.  It is the American public that puts them on pedestals, silver plates, clouds, whatever.  We are the ones who fall in love with these people.  Morning radio always has a segment reserved just for them.  Some people want to defend them to the death, and others want to see them fail.

After bashing people for years, I ask you this question I asked myself...

Why bother?  It's not like they hear us.  It's not like they care, so why should we?
Yes anyone who watched SRTV and/or the mJp knows that I went on and on bashing people.  I don't know why, I guess I was an angry guy.  So perhaps I am the pot calling kettle black here.  Hell I did it to start this thing off.

The media loves to shove this crap in our face because they know 90% of the population will eat it up and talk about it.  What we need to do is show restraint and stop caring?  Recognize the talents and pieces that these artists present.  Who cares about them personally?

We know there are people making cash for reality TV and becoming household names because of that.  There are people like the Kardashians who seriously, I have no idea what they contribute to society but they're out there.  Its kind of like mushrooms.  We know that many athletes and musicians can be pricks and bitches at times.

So why should any of this affect the way we live?  How do we ignore it?

That is the only way to get the media to stop throwing it in our face. Ignore it.  Ignore them.  Hell, its getting to the point where half of what's reported is crap.  We need to stay informed through other sources. Not Fox News or MSNBC.

And instead of worrying about Bieber's DUI, lets worry about how are we going to get through the day being strong and kicking ass.

Instead of worrying about Lindsay Lohan going to rehab, let's worry about how we are going to spend the day and make the most of it.

Instead of feeling jealous and insecure because these schmucks have it all on the surface, let's take inventory of the things we do have that matter.

Because in the end, that's who matters. Us and the ones we love.

Mike C

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