Monday, March 10, 2014


Hi everyone.  I have not wrote anything in a while.  I have not been feeling Johnny Positive lately so there's that.

In this life, we take one trip around the Merry Go Round.  That's it.  So I have always felt it best to be kind to people, help when you can, love and be loved.  That is my philosophy.

It's a shame that many others don't share that common view with me.

I'm not going to get into specifics here, but I can tell you that in life its a sad fact when sometimes the people who are supposed to be closest are the furthest.  No matter how many times you extend your hand, open your arms, speak kind words, they are kicked back in your face and followed by spit once in a while.  I will also tell you that in this life, I feel alone at times.  However, I think we all do.  We all feel defeated every once in a while.  We feel abandoned from time to time.  Sometimes the frustrations in life get the best of you and those who are closest (and don't go anywhere) catch the shit of what you're dealing with.

We take on too much because at times we feel like we have to.  There's no choice and sometimes no going back.  We accept a job we may not be qualified for.  We bear children when we're not grown up ourselves.  We allow people into our lives that we are in no shape to be around.  Yes, we're a society that bites off more than they can chew at all times.

However there's one thing we do and it separates the can dos from the won'ts.


When I had my kids I was scared to death.  In fact, in the beginning, I was working so much I was never home to see Jersey grow the first few months she was born.  Vicki felt like she was a single mother.  I will never make that mistake again.  This is why I don't go out with the boys.  This is why I spend weekends with my family.  I want to be the greatest dad ever.  Yes I can be spacey because I have too much work shit on the brain.  Yes I lose my patience with life from time to time.  However, I love my family more than anything.  I want to be the best husband, father, and its what I aspire to.

So I need to adapt to the situations going on.

We all do.  It's in the best interest of our growth and development.  I don't give a shit what you all may think.  You are not done growing up.  If you think you are, you have issues my friend.

We all do the best we can and when we fail.  We need to get back up and try again.  Its like that

Mike C