Monday, January 20, 2014


So hey there, did you happen to catch Seattle Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman "cut a promo" after the NFC Championship game last night?  If not, well, here you go....

Now the reaction to this is amazing.  Here are some comments from my facebook page last night.

-Richard Sherman is a classless piece of s**t!! Time to pull for the Broncos to win this SB!


-Richard Sherman was cutting a wrestling promo with Erin Andrews. Actually Richard was being a dick. Makes sense Richard = Dick.

-He said it in a way that was very ignorant over live tv were kids and fans are watching. Its one of those things u just keep to urself (sic)

And then there was the wonderful racism that followed.

My question is this.  Is it wrong for someone to go all nuts on someone who disrespects him for no reason at an event.

My point to that is this.  There is no better feeling that getting one up on the person who wronged you, doubted you, tried to hold you down.  Believe me when I tell you I have risen above many people who doubted me.  This includes people in my own family.  When someone accomplishes that mission, it is quite hard to hold the emotion in.

Here lies the case of Richard Sherman.

I am not the biggest Seahawks fan, but I do respect Sherman because he brings humanity into this game.  Many people don't like what he did.  Why are football players being held by standards of what they say during post game interviews, when really the standard they should be held to is their off field persona.  Everyone changes once its game time.

If you're involved in a game and you have been going at it with a certain member of the team, aren't you going to explode when you get one over on them?  When that boy/girl doesn't want to date you because you look a certain way, doesn't it feel good when you work your ass off to make 10 other people want a piece of you and that person is there to see it?  Isn't it the best feeling in the world when you had people you love telling you you couldn't do it, and do it and they see you succeed?

That is what happened with him.  He wasn't being arrogant.  He wasn't being a hood rat.  He rode a wave of emotion.

That happens to the best of us.  Its in our DNA to feel good about accomplishing goals and bettering ourselves despite what others think.  I myself, have had a need to prove people wrong since high school.  Teachers told me I wouldn't amount to anything, kids would pick on me because of my speech impediment.  Do you think I let any of that stop me?  As I went on in life, I let if fuel me.

Then our good buddy SFR was born out of that spite.  A hundred times worse than Richard Sherman could ever be.

That moment of adrenaline is human.  When it becomes part of character, it's annoying.

I don't think that is a part of his character.  I think he just gets caught up like we all do.

When you have your victory, celebrate it.  Then let it go.  You have a life to live.  It's not always about proving people wrong.  It's about enjoying what you do and moving on.

It has taken me 37 years to learn that.  Hopefully if you read this, it takes you 5 minutes.

Mike C

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