Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Last week was the first week of February, and the week of sickness in the Caserno household.  It was tough.  I haven't gotten a chance to get to talk to you about engagement, life, things to come, and parts of our exciting journey.  This is because Vicki got sick first, then me, then Jersey.  Somehow Avery managed to escape the hurlarama.  Good for her.  She's the youngest Caserno, so she shouldn't have to.

Yes we were sick.  Hell, at this time, most of America is sick.  However for most of us, there is something really beautiful about being sick.

We have a chance to become better.

Many people in this world stay sick forever.  They stay sick until they die.  My family and I have the grace of God to rebound from sickness.  You feel like you're going to die, but when it's over, you feel thrilled you have the chance to live again.

The way I chose to decide to live, I went and kicked my ass at Insanity, got myself to the office, and get back in the groove.  I am enjoying time with my family, and counting the days until we have a ceremony to celebrate our love.  I will touch on that one more tomorrow, however for now...

Remember that each moment in life is a gift.  Wellness is a gift that should not be taken for granted.  You need to take care of yourself for not only you, but the ones you love, and love you back.  Time is precious and time needs to be spent enjoying life rather than worrying about it.

That is what went through my mind as I drove to our possible venue on Sunday sick out of my mind.  That and the oh shit I might throw up feeling.  However, I ate a peppermint.  At first disturbing, but I started to feel a little less queasy.  Then we headed home, I went right to bed and zoned in and out.  However, the best moment of the night is when little Avery jumped on top of me, waking me up, and Vicki saying "Avery I said you could snuggle on him, not jump on him."  I hugged her back and fell back to sleep, and woke right up.

It's moments like that I love and I cherish.  It's why I work out.  It's why I watch my eating.  It's why I try to be well.

It's the reason I strive to get and feel better.

Mike C

PS: My new friend that I didn't know existed when I went to High School teaches classes at Lifetime (she's kick your ass which is always good) started writing.  Her blog contains shit you should write down.  Check it out.  Her first piece is amazing.  I will list her link here.

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