Saturday, January 18, 2014


I wrote this last year, and it rings true now.  I have edited it a little.

I had an opportunity tonight to find out if people were talking badly about me.  A bonafide opportunity, and I took a pass.

This is how I know I am growing more comfortable in my skin and becoming less insecure.  This is how I know I'm growing and I guess what some may call in the biz, a breakthrough.  I guarantee you a year or so ago, I would swallow that red pill and see how much shit was down there.

But not today.

It's hard for us to function when we think people, especially friends, family, co-workers, etc are "talking shit" about us.  Sometimes one may find themselves ruminating wondering what they say, and what they did to deserve it.  I think there are five guidelines we must keep in mind when dealing with this situation.

1-If someone can't step to you and tell you what they think about you, that is not your problem.  That is theirs.  Obviously they have no spine, class, or care less about you so they choose to handle their issues with you without involving you.  Sure things may sting when you hear about them being said, but know thyself.  Know what you are, and let others think what they will.  This also brings me to number two.

2-Always remember to consider the source.  Not only the source of who is talking nasty, but the one who is telling you.  First off, why is this person telling you?  Are they trying to be a friend, start drama, bored?  Ask yourself that question.  Then remember rule number one.  If they can't say it to your face, they don't deserve a place.  The place I referring to is your brain.  Put it out of your mind.

3-People talk shit all the time.  Always remember unless its inflammatory or serious, everyone nitpicks about people.  We all annoy each other every once in a while.  Don't take it personal.

4-If someone does talk about you behind your back, think about what was the nicest thing that person has done for you.  If it strikes a chord, then you might want to deal with it.

5-The only person you can make happy is you.  As I always say right about this time, everyone else, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

No one likes drama.  When you speak about people, the best way to do so is always say anything you are not afraid of coming back to you.  If you stand behind your beliefs, no one can push you around.  I read a crazy Venezuelan guy said that once who managed a World Series winning baseball team.  He knows some things about life.

Life is too short to worry about what others think of you.  Do well, live well, speak well; be kind to others and only kick people in the ass when they really need it.  That's my rule.  Whatever works for you is yours.

Mike C

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