Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Let's start today with a nice little jam

OK.  Now we use the words "try it out."  That's cool.

When you're trying to do something, not too cool.

Trying and doing are two different things.  You can't do them both.  If you're trying something new that's awesome.  Good for you.  You're sick.  Go kick that ass boy or girl.

If you're still trying to do it, there lies the problem.

This is so true with self wellness.  For instance, people say they are trying to work out more. Yes things get in the way of that.  Projects at work, family obligations, the distractions are everywhere.  When you make plans, life happens, no doubt.

So when it comes to this, you either do it or don't.

You accept that wellness is not your focus and continue to let the world get in your way.  Or you say, I will make time for this, and you get it done.

As you can see, there is no trying.

In life, you can participate or you can exist.  You can sit back and let what happens happen, and then decide to bitch about it which usually will make you more agitated.  That's the easy thing to do.  Accept your role and move on.

There is the flip side.  You go out there and kick some ass.  The try mentality may be OK in the beginning, but you need to decide if you're ready to move on and do this shit.  Your boss gives you an assignment, are you going to kick it in the ass, or are you going to half ass it?  When you fight with your spouse, are you going to accept defeat or are you going to try to build on it and strengthen the relationship.

The thing that gets in the way the most besides distraction is that four letter word we talked about, fear.

Fear of failing.
Fear of unknown.
Fear of result.

Remember this when your fear kicks in.

It's OK to fail. Everyone does.  When you get kicked down, are you getting back up?
If you don't know what it is, you can't feel anything towards it.  It doesn't exist until you know what it is.
There is always going to be a result.  You take the result, and deal with it when it happens.  Putting it off only makes it worse.

To defeat your fears, you must eliminate trying, and find a way to start doing.

I think you can run with this piece a little bit more.  Remember do, don't try.

Mike C

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