Saturday, January 18, 2014


What is the one thing you wish you could change about yourself that is the most difficult?  Mine without a doubt would be my quick temper, and insecurity about myself.
My anger is an Achilles heel towards my growth,  It's a part of me.  It was instilled in me when I was little due to many factors.  I grew up around anger in my household, I was angry at the world, I was angry for getting picked on, I was angry for my mother's passing.  In short, I was one angry guy.  I'm just "hating"as the kids would say.  LOL

These days I ask myself, what the hell should I be angry about in the long scheme of things?

When  I try to answer, I really can't think of anything.

Sure I have days when business and work bother me.  Who doesn't?  There are struggles in the house, but love conquers them all.  I have lingering issues going on and noise coming in.  Sometimes you just need to get the remote and turn the volume.  I have lived a life where I feel like I need to constantly be on.   Do I have stress and deadlines?  Of course.  Do I feel overwhelmed?  Absolutely.  However, my goal is to  not let this creep into my every minute of the day.  I try to ground myself to stay in the moment, rather than look forward to the future.  I do not have a crystal ball or Miss Cleo's psychic powers, therefore why stress?
I have learned how to let go.  Control what's in my control, and try not to manipulate what's not.  Try not to let the Indy 500 race in my head begin.  I am working hard on this daily.

We all fear the future.  In the days of good old MJP I always said don't fear the future, fear right now.  I said that because when things are happening right now, they make sense.  Well at the time I didn't but looking back, it makes sense.  I said it as a catchy slogan for my TV show.  It was cool wasn't it?

When you work to eliminate hate from your life, you bring other great feelings in.  We all have a multitude of feelings we deal with on a daily basis.  Things that happen to us are neutral.  We assign them meaning through our emotions.  If it rains, it just rains.  We decide whether we want to be pissed about it or not.  We decide if we are going to become blue due to the drops hitting the window.  When someone speaks to you, their words are just words.  Unless that person assigns the meaning, then one must respond and not react.
This is one of those practice what you preach moments for me, but I am working on it.  I ask we all work on it together.  If we master the skill, we can't lose.  No need to hate, when there is so much to love.  God gives you life every day.  Make it count and mean something through your actions and response, not through your reactions and feelings.

So did you ask yourself the big question?

What is your rough spot?  How you going to work on it?

Let me know if you need support.  I can give you that.  I want the best for you.

Always remember what Sofia said to David in Vanilla Sky...

Yeah you and me.  I think we'll be just fine.

Mike C

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