Thursday, January 30, 2014


Sometimes I have a bad day.  I bite people's heads off.  I curse. I yell.  I feel frustrated.  However I always remember one thing, it could be worse.

Some people when they wake up, they cannot do the things you and I can do.

They can't eat and drink right.  They can't get out of bed without assistance.  They can't move around without the help of a wheelchair or crutches.  Some people cannot see the beautiful sunrise.  Some people cannot hear the sound of birds chirping.  And worse off, some people don't wake up because they could be in a coma.

It's easy to take for granted all the things you have in your life because the stress and problems may cloud that.  We live in a right now mentality, where we need to take care of our business.  If we don't pay the bills, we could be homeless.  If we don't get our work done, we may be unemployed.  If we don't get food, we'll go hungry.  I think you get the picture.

This is one of my biggest weaknesses.  I forget there is a bigger picture and there is much to be happy for.  I let my problems and insecurities consume me.  However, I believe this is something that you and I can work on together.  We need to understand that when God gives us a day to wake up, breathe, and smell the roses, that this is a gift and we must take advantage of it.

Yes, we all have pressures and issues.  However we must remember the true reason we are here.  To enjoy time with the family, to make peace with our lives, and to enjoy every minute we can.  Sure we might have to bust ass to get there, but remember that its always here waiting for us, every second we take a breath on this Earth.  You and I need to take a moment to remember that.

After all, it's a beautiful morning.

Mike C

Monday, January 27, 2014


Before I get started today, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your kind words regarding Vicki and the engagement.  Thank you so much.  It's nice to see so many of you care.

Now onto POLAR VORTEX *insert Kerry King solo here*.

The cold has crippled us this month.  We have had four snow days in school.  Four days where business is shut down, and life kind of stopped.  I had a class canceled today, and it looks like Jersey's keyboarding class may never happen again.

I saw many posts from people regarding the cold.  I wanted to share some of them with you...

Gee, a another day off of school tomorrow, as the winter of wussy continues
The worst thing about these "cold" days isn't going to be the time we make up at the end of the year, it will be the first 5 day week that we have!
Oh c' ain't that cold!
Shame on you Warren Newport PUBLIC Library! You're a taxing body, and a public building, you have zero right closing due to the cold! There are people out there counting on public buildings being open during this cold! 
How many snow days did we have growing up ?

I found these to be humorous and it brings up a great point.  Especially the last one.

Many of the people in my generation didn't enjoy very many snow days.  In fact check out the coldest days of Chicago history here.  The 1/6 day was close, but doesn't measure up to these temps.  I don't recall closing school for them.

I get it's a safety issue, but as you can see above, people are frustrated.  Many people, like me, will not let the cold get in the way of being productive.  The cold is an excuse to be lazy.  Public building should not be shut down.  Services needed to go to work.  The mail came today, but the garbage wasn't picked up.  Also, no notification came from the garbage company letting us know they were going to take advantage of this cold weather and not work.

Although Jersey enjoys the days off, she missed a new class that she really is interested in.  The schools have working heat.  The buses don't have to run and parents should be given the choice whether or not they would like to take their kids to school.  I am a firm believer that life shouldn't shut down because its cold as hell outside.

We all want to be productive and we should.  Are we going to let Mother Nature keep us locked in our house?  Or do we go outside flick her off and go to work?  I canceled appointments today to stay home with my kids.  However, I will be doing them tomorrow.  No POLAR VORTEX *insert Dave Mustaine riff here* is keeping me in check.

Mike C

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today Vicki took my hand in marriage.  I love that girl.

This is our song...

I don't think I could live without your love
Whatever I give you, I can't give you enough
Memories of you, girl, day after day
make our love go stronger when you're so far away

Like a midnight rider on an endless road
I'm a sole survivor carrying a heavy load
I don't want to live without you
I don't want to feel the pain
I don't want to live without you
Nothin's gonna change it
Never wanna live without you
Don't think I could stand the pain
I don't want to live without you
I don't want to change it

Now I know you've been waitin' for so long
I've been lost for words so I'll give you this song
Livin' on a memory and a picture of you
makes my heart skip a beat
It's the best I can do

Just a midnight rider on an endless road
I'm a sole survivor carrying a heavy load
I don't want to live without you
I don't want to feel the pain
I don't want to live without you
Nothin's gonna change it
Never wanna live without you
Don't think I could stand the pain
I don't want to live without you
I don't want to change it

It's just me and you and not a damn thing anyone else can do
Baby, baby, our love is true
Oh, don't you change me

Like a midnight rider on an endless road
I'm a sole survivor carrying a heavy load
Baby, I don't want to live without you.
I don't want to feel the pain
I don't want to live without you
Nothin's gonna change it

I don't want to live without you 
I don't want to feel the pain
I don't want to live without you
Nothin's gonna change it
Never wanna live without you
Don't think I could stand the pain
I don't want to live without you
Nothin's gonna change it

I don't think I could live without your love
Whatever I give you, I can't give you enough
Livin' on memories and pictures of you
makes my heart skip a beat
It's the best I can do.

I love you Vicki. 

More fun stuff tomorrow kids

Mike C

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Justin Bieber is a troubled youngster.  Catapulted to fame way too early for not having talent.  Some jabroni thought it would be a good idea to give him a shot based off of his moronic You Tube videos.  That of course is my opinion because there are many beliebers out there that will tell you otherwise.

However, the fascination of his trials and tribulations is what befuddles me.

Yes I am guilty of posting a joke about him getting a DUI and going to jail and what not.  Many of us did.  It's what America does.  Pass judgment on kids who act like little shits and laugh when they fall. Ha ha ha.  Then we move on.

However, a friend of mine posted this on facebook today and I will let the video speak for itself:

So we interrupted an interview pertaining to national security and privacy to talk about this fricking clown who got a DUI?

There's only two possibilities here.

The first, MSNBC doesn't have a clue how to do things.  Perhaps, the tryst of young Justin is compelling TV and some people really care about this nit wit.

Or, MSNBC was ordered to pull the plug on the story.

The media is regulated and MSNBC is owned by NBC which is owned by General Electric.  What is the connection with General Electric and this story?  This is here in case you didn't know.

Either way you look at it, its quite a disturbing trend.  Our media is regulated by the government, but there are limits, supposedly.

Look I didn't want to write a conspiracy piece.  I really wanted to get to the meat of the matter here.  If you are someone who is into the government using mind control tricks and stuff like that, let me give you a minute to get it out of your system.

*pausing and getting a drink of water*

OK.  Here's the point.  We as a society need to understand celebs are normal people like us.  It is the American public that puts them on pedestals, silver plates, clouds, whatever.  We are the ones who fall in love with these people.  Morning radio always has a segment reserved just for them.  Some people want to defend them to the death, and others want to see them fail.

After bashing people for years, I ask you this question I asked myself...

Why bother?  It's not like they hear us.  It's not like they care, so why should we?
Yes anyone who watched SRTV and/or the mJp knows that I went on and on bashing people.  I don't know why, I guess I was an angry guy.  So perhaps I am the pot calling kettle black here.  Hell I did it to start this thing off.

The media loves to shove this crap in our face because they know 90% of the population will eat it up and talk about it.  What we need to do is show restraint and stop caring?  Recognize the talents and pieces that these artists present.  Who cares about them personally?

We know there are people making cash for reality TV and becoming household names because of that.  There are people like the Kardashians who seriously, I have no idea what they contribute to society but they're out there.  Its kind of like mushrooms.  We know that many athletes and musicians can be pricks and bitches at times.

So why should any of this affect the way we live?  How do we ignore it?

That is the only way to get the media to stop throwing it in our face. Ignore it.  Ignore them.  Hell, its getting to the point where half of what's reported is crap.  We need to stay informed through other sources. Not Fox News or MSNBC.

And instead of worrying about Bieber's DUI, lets worry about how are we going to get through the day being strong and kicking ass.

Instead of worrying about Lindsay Lohan going to rehab, let's worry about how we are going to spend the day and make the most of it.

Instead of feeling jealous and insecure because these schmucks have it all on the surface, let's take inventory of the things we do have that matter.

Because in the end, that's who matters. Us and the ones we love.

Mike C

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Its 1 am, I should have gone to sleep hours ago, but nope.  Still awake.  However, I will be passing out here shortly.  The thought of me passing out made me think of an idea to share with you.  A thought.  A question.
Do you have dreams?

You can answer either when you are sleeping or awake.  Literally or figuratively.

The literal sense of the dream is what I will be experiencing as soon as I get done here.  I mean, you go to sleep, your mind paints a video for you, and you wake up wondering what just happened.  Perhaps you may get lucky and see Dominick Cobb in your dream trying to teach you how to steal information.

But those are not the dreams we are talking about here.  Those are not the dreams that will keep you alive.  Those are dreams that simply tell you that you're breathing.

No the dreams I am talking about are hopes, aspirations, goals.

What do you want to do?  What is your mission?  What is your passion?  WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?

We just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr day.  He had a dream.  It was literal but it also deals with what I am talking about here.

So do this, write down your dream.  Your hope.  What you would like to do with your life?  What do you want to accomplish?  And once you get one down, then write more.  Hopefully you have a long list.

Dreams are what make this world go around.  Without dreams and goals, we don't have ambition to make them reality.  Without direction, we stand still.  Without hope, we live in doubt.  Without light, we stay in darkness.  Without destiny, we accept where we are.

And maybe for some of you, that's what you want, and that's OK.

However, I will tell you this.  I have dreams for me and my family.  I have visions of greatness for my two daughters.  I want to make my girls smile.  I want to make people laugh, cry, and think...and most importantly dream.  Dream of what life would be like if they would allow themselves a chance to get uncomfortable to make positive changes.

My final thought: if you stop dreaming, you stop living.  Take that one to heart, because that is where all hopes and dreams begin.

Mike C

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Let's start today with a nice little jam

OK.  Now we use the words "try it out."  That's cool.

When you're trying to do something, not too cool.

Trying and doing are two different things.  You can't do them both.  If you're trying something new that's awesome.  Good for you.  You're sick.  Go kick that ass boy or girl.

If you're still trying to do it, there lies the problem.

This is so true with self wellness.  For instance, people say they are trying to work out more. Yes things get in the way of that.  Projects at work, family obligations, the distractions are everywhere.  When you make plans, life happens, no doubt.

So when it comes to this, you either do it or don't.

You accept that wellness is not your focus and continue to let the world get in your way.  Or you say, I will make time for this, and you get it done.

As you can see, there is no trying.

In life, you can participate or you can exist.  You can sit back and let what happens happen, and then decide to bitch about it which usually will make you more agitated.  That's the easy thing to do.  Accept your role and move on.

There is the flip side.  You go out there and kick some ass.  The try mentality may be OK in the beginning, but you need to decide if you're ready to move on and do this shit.  Your boss gives you an assignment, are you going to kick it in the ass, or are you going to half ass it?  When you fight with your spouse, are you going to accept defeat or are you going to try to build on it and strengthen the relationship.

The thing that gets in the way the most besides distraction is that four letter word we talked about, fear.

Fear of failing.
Fear of unknown.
Fear of result.

Remember this when your fear kicks in.

It's OK to fail. Everyone does.  When you get kicked down, are you getting back up?
If you don't know what it is, you can't feel anything towards it.  It doesn't exist until you know what it is.
There is always going to be a result.  You take the result, and deal with it when it happens.  Putting it off only makes it worse.

To defeat your fears, you must eliminate trying, and find a way to start doing.

I think you can run with this piece a little bit more.  Remember do, don't try.

Mike C

Monday, January 20, 2014


So hey there, did you happen to catch Seattle Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman "cut a promo" after the NFC Championship game last night?  If not, well, here you go....

Now the reaction to this is amazing.  Here are some comments from my facebook page last night.

-Richard Sherman is a classless piece of s**t!! Time to pull for the Broncos to win this SB!


-Richard Sherman was cutting a wrestling promo with Erin Andrews. Actually Richard was being a dick. Makes sense Richard = Dick.

-He said it in a way that was very ignorant over live tv were kids and fans are watching. Its one of those things u just keep to urself (sic)

And then there was the wonderful racism that followed.

My question is this.  Is it wrong for someone to go all nuts on someone who disrespects him for no reason at an event.

My point to that is this.  There is no better feeling that getting one up on the person who wronged you, doubted you, tried to hold you down.  Believe me when I tell you I have risen above many people who doubted me.  This includes people in my own family.  When someone accomplishes that mission, it is quite hard to hold the emotion in.

Here lies the case of Richard Sherman.

I am not the biggest Seahawks fan, but I do respect Sherman because he brings humanity into this game.  Many people don't like what he did.  Why are football players being held by standards of what they say during post game interviews, when really the standard they should be held to is their off field persona.  Everyone changes once its game time.

If you're involved in a game and you have been going at it with a certain member of the team, aren't you going to explode when you get one over on them?  When that boy/girl doesn't want to date you because you look a certain way, doesn't it feel good when you work your ass off to make 10 other people want a piece of you and that person is there to see it?  Isn't it the best feeling in the world when you had people you love telling you you couldn't do it, and do it and they see you succeed?

That is what happened with him.  He wasn't being arrogant.  He wasn't being a hood rat.  He rode a wave of emotion.

That happens to the best of us.  Its in our DNA to feel good about accomplishing goals and bettering ourselves despite what others think.  I myself, have had a need to prove people wrong since high school.  Teachers told me I wouldn't amount to anything, kids would pick on me because of my speech impediment.  Do you think I let any of that stop me?  As I went on in life, I let if fuel me.

Then our good buddy SFR was born out of that spite.  A hundred times worse than Richard Sherman could ever be.

That moment of adrenaline is human.  When it becomes part of character, it's annoying.

I don't think that is a part of his character.  I think he just gets caught up like we all do.

When you have your victory, celebrate it.  Then let it go.  You have a life to live.  It's not always about proving people wrong.  It's about enjoying what you do and moving on.

It has taken me 37 years to learn that.  Hopefully if you read this, it takes you 5 minutes.

Mike C

Saturday, January 18, 2014


What is the one thing you wish you could change about yourself that is the most difficult?  Mine without a doubt would be my quick temper, and insecurity about myself.
My anger is an Achilles heel towards my growth,  It's a part of me.  It was instilled in me when I was little due to many factors.  I grew up around anger in my household, I was angry at the world, I was angry for getting picked on, I was angry for my mother's passing.  In short, I was one angry guy.  I'm just "hating"as the kids would say.  LOL

These days I ask myself, what the hell should I be angry about in the long scheme of things?

When  I try to answer, I really can't think of anything.

Sure I have days when business and work bother me.  Who doesn't?  There are struggles in the house, but love conquers them all.  I have lingering issues going on and noise coming in.  Sometimes you just need to get the remote and turn the volume.  I have lived a life where I feel like I need to constantly be on.   Do I have stress and deadlines?  Of course.  Do I feel overwhelmed?  Absolutely.  However, my goal is to  not let this creep into my every minute of the day.  I try to ground myself to stay in the moment, rather than look forward to the future.  I do not have a crystal ball or Miss Cleo's psychic powers, therefore why stress?
I have learned how to let go.  Control what's in my control, and try not to manipulate what's not.  Try not to let the Indy 500 race in my head begin.  I am working hard on this daily.

We all fear the future.  In the days of good old MJP I always said don't fear the future, fear right now.  I said that because when things are happening right now, they make sense.  Well at the time I didn't but looking back, it makes sense.  I said it as a catchy slogan for my TV show.  It was cool wasn't it?

When you work to eliminate hate from your life, you bring other great feelings in.  We all have a multitude of feelings we deal with on a daily basis.  Things that happen to us are neutral.  We assign them meaning through our emotions.  If it rains, it just rains.  We decide whether we want to be pissed about it or not.  We decide if we are going to become blue due to the drops hitting the window.  When someone speaks to you, their words are just words.  Unless that person assigns the meaning, then one must respond and not react.
This is one of those practice what you preach moments for me, but I am working on it.  I ask we all work on it together.  If we master the skill, we can't lose.  No need to hate, when there is so much to love.  God gives you life every day.  Make it count and mean something through your actions and response, not through your reactions and feelings.

So did you ask yourself the big question?

What is your rough spot?  How you going to work on it?

Let me know if you need support.  I can give you that.  I want the best for you.

Always remember what Sofia said to David in Vanilla Sky...

Yeah you and me.  I think we'll be just fine.

Mike C


Advertisements infiltrate the human soul.  Everywhere you look, you are being targeted.  Many corporations out there want you to buy products.  Some you may need, others you may want, but in the end the question has to be asked like in Fight Club "is this essential to our survival in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word?"

Ads play off of emotion, and we are walking balls of emotion.  Whether we want to admit it or not.  Some people are like me who wear it on their sleeve, others keep their feelings locked in deep, but they feel.  Everyone does.  It cannot be denied.  They want you to buy the product, no matter the cost, quality, or whatever.  An ad wants to make you feel like you need a product to become a better person, but in the end, you're just a sale.

Before I continue, can you imagine what the world would be like if you had ads like this that would tell the truth...

Yes I laugh my ass off every time I see that too.

Point is, the majority of us lack confidence, lack discipline, lack a certain comfort about ourselves.  People need IPhones to feel special.  If you are not wearing Victoria's Secret, then you are not as sexy as a woman because being sexy for a woman should be a secret right?  Men over 40, you need to be having sex so take a pill.  Many 40 year old men just want to come home and watch TV and hit the bar with the boys.  Kids, TOYS TOYS TOYS.  Now that one is not fair because when kids see something cool ad or not, they want it!  Believe me they do.  The walls in my house tell me so due to all the toys crawling up it.

I personally think that each of us is special.  We all have different talents and features we bring to the table that makes us who we are, and we need to learn how to be proud of those things without the help of buying that car that might get us a hand job from a stranger.  We need to learn how to be interesting without wearing that fragrance that the dude that women were gushing over during the Superbowl was wearing.  It's hard in this day an age because the deck is stacked against us common folk, but it comes from sheer will and heart to rise above the madness and ascend into greatness.

You need to know that you are great.  You have lots of love to give, you have lots of experiences to share, and you were made special.  What you should do when you wake up every day is write down three things that you like love about yourself and three goals you would like to accomplish.  Perhaps you can say them aloud on your way to where your day takes you.  Repeat them throughout the day.  Your confidence will spread and others will begin to see you the way you see yourself.  It's very hard believe me I know.  I have the worst self esteem and it stems from having a childhood where people made fun of me, and having decades of people in my family tell me that things were unattainable.

I remember back in school, I read a book called "Positioning" and I still have it. I believe in the power of advertising.  I would work in it and thrive in it, but I don't like the idea of pushing products on people when they simply don't need them.  It's up to us to turn off the sales pitch.  It's up to us to stop being a credit card number and be a person. Do we have time for this crap?  Hell no.  The distractions of life are fun, but not necessary.

So person to person, let me tell you something. You can do it.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself why you like being you.  You don't have to be like Mike, you have to learn to be you and ask yourself how am I going to make the most of it.  There is something special in all of us waiting to bust out.  Instead of being controlled by the ads, become the ad.  Show yourself off to the world.  Show why people need to buy into you.  Show people why you're truly the best.  Turn off the TV, turn on your peers.  Do it!  It will be fun.

I have faith you will succeed.  I know you will.

Mike C


I wrote this last year, and it rings true now.  I have edited it a little.

I had an opportunity tonight to find out if people were talking badly about me.  A bonafide opportunity, and I took a pass.

This is how I know I am growing more comfortable in my skin and becoming less insecure.  This is how I know I'm growing and I guess what some may call in the biz, a breakthrough.  I guarantee you a year or so ago, I would swallow that red pill and see how much shit was down there.

But not today.

It's hard for us to function when we think people, especially friends, family, co-workers, etc are "talking shit" about us.  Sometimes one may find themselves ruminating wondering what they say, and what they did to deserve it.  I think there are five guidelines we must keep in mind when dealing with this situation.

1-If someone can't step to you and tell you what they think about you, that is not your problem.  That is theirs.  Obviously they have no spine, class, or care less about you so they choose to handle their issues with you without involving you.  Sure things may sting when you hear about them being said, but know thyself.  Know what you are, and let others think what they will.  This also brings me to number two.

2-Always remember to consider the source.  Not only the source of who is talking nasty, but the one who is telling you.  First off, why is this person telling you?  Are they trying to be a friend, start drama, bored?  Ask yourself that question.  Then remember rule number one.  If they can't say it to your face, they don't deserve a place.  The place I referring to is your brain.  Put it out of your mind.

3-People talk shit all the time.  Always remember unless its inflammatory or serious, everyone nitpicks about people.  We all annoy each other every once in a while.  Don't take it personal.

4-If someone does talk about you behind your back, think about what was the nicest thing that person has done for you.  If it strikes a chord, then you might want to deal with it.

5-The only person you can make happy is you.  As I always say right about this time, everyone else, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

No one likes drama.  When you speak about people, the best way to do so is always say anything you are not afraid of coming back to you.  If you stand behind your beliefs, no one can push you around.  I read a crazy Venezuelan guy said that once who managed a World Series winning baseball team.  He knows some things about life.

Life is too short to worry about what others think of you.  Do well, live well, speak well; be kind to others and only kick people in the ass when they really need it.  That's my rule.  Whatever works for you is yours.

Mike C

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Just a friendly piece of advice.

No matter what you do in this world.  Whether you are working on something as simple as a puzzle or something as complicated as a marriage.  Don't give up.

I usually play Where's My Water 2 with Jersey before we go to bed at night.  Sometimes I will get frustrated at a board.  Jersey reminds me "daddy, Casernos don't give up."

You shouldn't either.

Especially when it comes to the game of life.

Everyday our temperature of the day swings both ways.  Sometimes good and sometimes bad.  We tend to focus on the temperature and not the climate.  Have you ever asked yourself "is all this bad shit that happened to me today going to ruin my life?"  Yeah me either.  I am quite black and white and impulsive.  However, I suggest let's get on it together.

Our moods can change because someone cut us off on the way to work.  A co worker decided to give us a hard time.  I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of something bad.  These are triggers.  They are neutral.  The thing that's nice about a trigger is you make the decision whether to pull it or not.

Are you going to cock the hammer?  Is it time for action?

Perhaps you may.  That is easier and requires much less effort than to consciously think about how you can handle the situation differently or walk away.  Pulling the trigger is giving up.  Walking away is not.

I am throwing down a challenge to myself and to anyone who reads this.  Let's see if we can walk away.  Let's see if we can hold it down.  If we can, its Miller time baby.

Get some six packs ready because I'm going to try this and I will win.

Because I am not a quitter.

Are you?

Mike C

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Yesterday we talked a little bit about fear and the fork in the road.

Today we're staying on that topic a bit but here it is.

I am about to do the craziest thing I have ever done in my life.  I can't tell you what it is because I am still thinking about how I am going to pull it off.  What I do know is, it will certainly change many lives.  People close to me will be affected by this.  I don't know what the outcome will be, but I hope its the best for everyone involved.

Remember yesterday when I talked about fork in the roads and how fear can influence fear.  I am not afraid.  I am ready to take this all the way and not worried about the consequences of my decision.

So keep that in mind, in the meantime, what is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Give me some stories.  Give me some inspiration.  Give me something!!!!!

If you can't tell me, it means you truly haven't lived yet.  You have to do something unconventional, unorthodox in your life at least once.

As Cesar Flickerman would say "let me hear it!!!!!"

Mike C

Monday, January 13, 2014


Fear is the fork in the road.  Fear leads to two things.  Yes or no.  Conquer or surrender.  Stay or go.

That's fear.

Fear stops us from doing things.  Whether we fear the consequences or fear we may fail, it's a roadblock.  It has been for many of us at one time or another in life.

I can think of five times when I was scared in my life:

  • First time I cracked open a mic on the radio
  • When I spoke to the Elgin Community College Board of Trustees
  • When I went bungee jumping
  • When I did my first interview on SRTV
  • And the most important, when I made the decision to have children
The first thing that entered my mind was doubt.  Can I make a show that people will like and enjoy?  Will I get thrown out of the building?  Is this band going to rip my ass and throw me out of the dressing room?  Will I be able to be a good provider and more importantly, be a positive influence in molding my child's life?

Doubt is a product of fear.  The more you fear, the anxiety comes crashing.  Then it's go time.

On all five of these instances, I went forward and did it.  I will tell you this my friends, there is nothing like the feeling of conquering fear.  Being afraid is normal.  Being afraid is good.  Being afraid reminds you that you're human.  Being afraid makes you alive.

In order for one to truly be alive, one must be able to go for it.  No matter how big or how small.  There is that something inside of you that pushes you to do something crazy.  It may not be crazy to anyone except you why?  You have left your comfort zone.  You have made a decision to embrace a change.  You have taken a huge gamble in your life.  Did it payoff?

Always better to ask yourself how it felt rather than what would it have felt like?

Ever since the dawn of the new millennium, I have taken chances.  When I started college, it was time to not be afraid anymore.  I stopped hiding behind people and started making better decisions.  The loss of my mother devastated me and I fell hard for months.  However I started doing TV and radio.  I started writing like crazy.  I learned how to love again.  I learned to use fear as a tool, rather than an obstacle.

When it comes to challenges, I don't back down anymore.  I want to kick ass.

Fear is the fork in the road.  When I come to a fork, I don't think about the end.  I do what it going to bring electricity into my life.

Mike C

Friday, January 10, 2014


So Friday night and I'm on Facebook.  Yeah I rock.

I came across a post that someone had and it went a little something like this:

And I looked up on Snopes to see if it was true and as usual like most of these posts, it was phony baloney.

The amount of things that get reposted on Facebook is intriguing to me.  You always read fantastic stories like this one, the one about the girl being pushed into the sewer, the Heineken sponsored dog fight, did Phil Robertson make this quote, and on, and on, and on.

The hilarious thing about all of this is that people will post this bullshit without checking into it.  Much like news organizations nowadays.  We live in a culture where we are reactionary.  I will admit to be the king of reactionary about lots of things.  I wear my hear on my sleeve.  I talk to much.  I speak from the heart about stuff I shouldn't talk about.  I bother people.  I annoy them.  LOL.

However, if I was working in a news setting (which I have in the past) I don't go forward without sources.  I make sure my facts are backed up and that no one will be able to pin me in a corner for my story.  Hell, I even research before making a claim on facebook screwing around with friends.

This is not the point of the story.  The point is how much bullshit gets thrown in our face to distract us from the real problems in life.  I really think E News does a great job of distraction.  Sports reporting has become a facade of crap over the years.  And then of course our mainstream media reports on things on a need to know basis.  Rather than report on real stories, they choose to give us crap about red states versus blue states.

I digress from my actual point.  I think we know the world is one giant hot mess.  We can question our climate cycles.  We know our government is 4 cans short of a six pack.  There are many people who shame us as Americans that are actors, but think they're political activists.  There is only one thing you can do about this.

Focus on you.

Focus on keeping your family fed, clothed, smart, and educated.  Focus on keeping yourself happy and healthy.  Focus on taking care of your own business.

Facebook can be fun, but always question what you are finding there.

And always question what you are finding in life as well.

Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing-Euripides

Mike C

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So I had an Alexander day.

I read this book as a child and the title has stuck with me ever since.  Its the story of a boy who has well, a bad day.  Kind of like the one I had today.  Almost got into an accident, found out some stuff about work, had a hard time arranging things.  I will break that down in just a moment.  The story of young Alex talks about moving to Australia throughout the book, much like I talk about moving to Florida.  The end of the story, Alexander's mother tells him that people have bad days in Australia as well.

How does this relate to me?  It doesn't.  I had a bad day like the kid in the book, that's all.

However, I did tell you about my bad day, and I felt hopeless today.  Defeated.  In fact, when I went shopping for groceries, I lost my cart in the store.  Don't ask me how, but I did.  It happened because I carried my emotional baggage with me throughout the day.  I never claimed to be an expert on this blog or someone you can go to for the answers.  I just write what I feel.  So if you came here looking to be inspired by someone perfect, you won't get that here, or anywhere else for that matter.

I decided I would break down my day and talk about each incident separately.

Almost got into an accident.  Driving down Gary Rd which was icy as hell, I slid on the ice.  I either was hitting the car or the snow bank.  I hit a hard right and went right up a snowbank and got my car stuck and almost flipped over.  The silver lining is that no damage on car, I did not get hurt. Sure I paid $80 for the towing,  However, I will be getting reimbursed.  So I came out OK.

As far as having a hard time arranging things, I will get another shot at it tomorrow.  What happened yesterday doesn't matter today so it shouldn't affect tomorrow.  I am good at arranging things, therefore I will rise up and conquer tomorrow.

Found out about something that pissed me off at work.  Yeah, kind of trivial thing, but it annoyed me and put me in a funk.  I can't change it, it happened.  I was not part of the reason it happened, I had no control over the situation, therefore, why should I be mad about it.  Just go back and look at the positives about the job versus the things that happen due to the actions of others.

The point is, I just listed everything that pissed me off today and looking back, its not all that bad.  It stung at the moment, but no need for me to dwell.  This is something I am working on.

If you are upset, list the things you are upset about.  Once you break it all down, ask yourself three questions.

  • Is this going to kill me
  • Is this going to kill those I love
  • Is this going to kill everyone around me 
If you answer no to all three, you most likely will be OK.  I know I will be.  I will not be moving anywhere.  I am right where I want to be right now.

Mike C

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


OK holidays over.  Polar vortex about done.  Jersey goes back to school tomorrow.  So now what?

Yesterday I got back on my health horse.  I watched my food and got my first workout done today with Natalie B over at Lifetime.  Insanity.  Its the greatest workout ever.  She does the class on Thursday nights at the Huntley Rec Center @ 630pm.  You have to check it out and she is a great instructor.  Keeps you motivated and keeps things light and fun.  That's all you can ask for and she will exceed your expectations.  Trust me on this one.

So how are we going to do it people?  We have been in neutral for two weeks of fun holidays.  Our kids have had two extra days of vacation and now after a long break, we need to get back in the saddle of the cycle.  Perhaps the issue is seeing life as a cycle, rather than an experience.

Life can be quite boring yes.  You wake up, take a shower, go to work, come home, eat, go to sleep.  Rinse and repeat.  Now that's not very fun is it?

So what can you do?  You have to mix it up man.  Working out is one the best things you can do.  Why?  Forget about the obvious health benefits.  Yes you can lose weight.  You can gain strength.  You can do lots of things.  However, working out to me is all about one thing.

The challenge.

I have never been an athletic person.  Couldn't play sports worth a shit, but I could steal bases well.  When we were supposed to run the mile in high school, I would do something else.  However when I participate in these classes, its about getting through the class.  It's about finding a way to push yourself through the walls you never thought you could.  Its about making differences in your life.  The best part of a workout is when its over.  I don't say that because of the reason you may think.  You know, oh boy thank God that's over.  I am to tired to go on.  No because the feeling of accomplishment.

When I did my first Insanity class, I thought I was going to die.  Just walking in the door I was scared shitless.  I thought they would have to wheel me out.  And at points, you feel like you have nothing more to give.  At that point, you reach for that something something, and you find it.  Its the best feeling ever.  Honestly, I still feel like I'm going to die.  I finally got myself a heart rate monitor and my hr maxed at 176.  That is crazy stuff, but I'm ready to do it again, because why?

Because to do is to win.

Because if you think you can, you will.

When I started working out, I was at 225 LBS.  My pants didn't fit anymore.  I felt bad.  I am now at 198.  I got myself down to 194, but the holiday itch crept up on me.  Now its time to get to my goal and to stay focused, on track and do it.

That is how I get back on track.

For you it might be something different.  It doesn't have to be fitness.  It can be anything.  Learning a new skill, reading a book, cooking that meal.  Just remember the most important thing isn't how it looks when you're done.

The important thing is the path you took to get to the end and that you finished and you have now grown.

Mike C

Saturday, January 4, 2014


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  How many times have you heard that in your life?

Does anyone ever know what the size of the lemons are?  Perhaps your problems don't equate to fricking fruit.  I know people who have serious issues.  Issues with health, children, cancer, and other "lemons" that you really don't know how to make juice with.  These people don't have a pitcher, blender, ice, sugar, or whatever to make that glass of lemonade with the sour fruits life have given them.

Yet, some of them stay positive.  Some try to live.  Some try to deal.

I believe the saying is wrong and generic.  I believe in order for one to live a greater life they must aspire to greater things.  I think people need to get off their ass.  When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Shit, what if you don't even life lemonade?  What do you do with those lemons then?

The answer is quite simply, smile.

Everyday you are alive, you have a chance to attempt to make change.  Everyday God wakes you, you're given a second win.  A chance to do something great.  A chance to be awesome.

We all have ups and downs in life.  It's a roller coaster and if you don't like roller coasters, I am sorry to say this but you are screwed.  So what do you do, buckle up and prepare for the next hill, next drop, next loop, next corkscrew, next whatever, and hold on tight.  Hold your loved ones tight, hold your spirit tight.  Know that if you had such a shitty day one day, that the next is a chance to change your luck.

If people that I know that have terminal issues can find it in them to stay positive, then perhaps you can as well.  Just need to figure out what makes you happy and keep yourself grounded.

And try to enjoy a glass of lemonade when you do.

Your buddy,
Mike C

PS...speaking about lemonade, here is a video my kids love that will cheer you up.  Save it for a bad day...


So a friend of mine on Facebook asked me to list ten albums that stuck with me for a while and I did.  They were as follows:

1. Grant Lee Buffalo-Mighty Joe Moon
2. Fear Factory-Demanufacture
3. Nine Inch Nails-Pretty Hate Machine 
4. Ice Cube-Death Certificate 
5. Fleetwood Mac-Mirage 
6. Type O Negative- World Coming Down 
7. Smashing Pumpkins-Siamese Dream 
8. Deadmau5 - Random Album Title 
9. Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here 
10. Armin Van Buuren - Mirage 

And after I did this, I thought to myself, there are a hell of a lot more.  So basically, why did these stick with me?  I can explain...

Grant Lee
The second track of the CD is a wonderful track called Mockingbirds which I fell in love with the first time I heard it.  It also got me into an XRT phase for a while because I worked at an Olds dealership when I was 19 or 20, and I heard this song and was hypnotized by it.  Just loved the music, the sounds, the lyrics.  It compelled me to ask for the album on Christmas and I loved the album.  Still to this day I listen to it quite a bit.

Fear Factory
Demanufacture is one of my top 5 albums hands down bar none, and it should be one of the top 20 greatest metal albums of all time.  Burton C Bell is the first singer I can ever think of who took that death metal growl and mixed it up with the melodic voice he possesses.  One of the best set of pipes ever.  Soul of a New Machine was the one that got me, but I absolutely LOVE this album.  The lyrics that reek of anti establishment and rebellion.  Every track on this album kicks your ass.  Obviously the title track, Self Bias Resistor which just knocks you back to the floor, Replica is the anthem, and it closes out with the somber Therapy for Pain.  I LOVE THIS ALBUM.  

Nine Inch Nails
No one does it like Trent and his debut album I listened to like 100 times when I first got it.  One of my friends freshman year told me about Pretty Hate Machine and I was a fan of Ministry at the time, said to me "you can't listen to Ministry without listening to Nine Inch Nails."  So I did. and I killed the CD because I listened to it so much in 1992 (yes I was a couple years late to the party as I am with everything else in life) and I must of killed the speakers of the stereo my parents got me for Christmas. 

Ice Cube
1991 Tony Montana.  At the time, I was hanging out with people who really enjoyed gangsta rap and this was Ice Cube's follow up to Amerikkkas Most Wanted.  Way before Ice Cube was asking "are we there yet?", he was "steady mobbin."  I loved this album and it was like my thing for the last few months I spent at Elk Grove HS.

Fleetwood Mac
I was working at a place called Absolute Exteriors at the time during the summer of 1996. and I owned a 1979 Cadillac Coupe De Ville which I lived out of for 2 weeks before living with my grandmother.  There was no stereo in the car, so I bought a boom box from K Mart.  I listened to so much Fleetwood Mac that summer and for some reason I was listening to Mirage constantly.  Although Rumors without question is my favorite Mac album, Gypsy, Wish you Were Here, Only Over You, and Hold Me, always hit my heartstrings.  I was once again a missing link in my life at that point and Mac brought me back along with my angel.

Type O Negative
Peter Steele, rest in peace.  Once again not my favorite by this band but my life was very complicated and this album helped to sink it in.  For one, I lost my Mom and just after this album came out with the song "Everyone I Love is Dead."  And I remember at one point I was sitting in my apartment just listening to the title track over and over and over again.  I think my surroundings were not helping as well.  An honorable mention album I did not mention during this period was "Portishead" self titled album as well.  However, you have to give the nod to Type O because "White Slavery" the first track turned out to be the opening theme for SRTV just to give you an idea of how sucked in I was.  And the next year, they were the first band I interviewed on that very show.

Smashing Pumpkins
I would like to say a disclaimer that the Pumpkins are not one of my favorite bands, however this album was a transitioning part of my life.  It was when I went to a new school, had a new way of life, new friends, and of course, that special woman I met that still puts up with my shit to this day.  The Lemonheads, 10,000 Maniacs and The Cranberries were also very prolific at that time, but Today was the greatest day I ever known.

The guy with the mouse head who came up with haunting beats.  When I first got Sirius radio in my car, I also was switching jobs.  The station I listened to more than anything was Area 33 because I had a love for electronic music.  I was totally into trance, techno, house, mixes, etc, etc.  When I first heard Deadmau5, I was on my way to the office late at night because people called in.  I heard this little ditty "I Remember" and I fell in love.  Other tracks like "Brazil" "Alone with You" "Faxing Berlin" and "Not Exactly" were played on a regular basis.  This was my first official modern EDM album.  Then there's this video with Tommy from Snatch.

Pink Floyd
When I was a teenager, I first heard Shine On Your Crazy Diamond.  Not only did I think it was the longest song I have ever heard, it was one of the best. My junior year of HS, I went to sleep to this album every night.  By the way, you bastards better come back to Chicago sometime soon. I had the tickets, but couldn't go.

Armin Van Buuren
Not too many people know him but he is one of the best trance producers today.  His album Mirage (two albums called Mirage, hinky) has some of the greatest tracks I have ever heard.  The opening for Mirage is unbelievable and is very motivating to me.  The first time I really heard it was when I took on my new position and business started blowing up for me.  The song goes right into a track called This Light Between Us. It is such a flawless transition and other tracks on the album like "Drowning" "Feels So Good" "Not Giving Up on Love"  Check out the video

Some other albums that I can name that are honorable mentions are Metallica, And Justice For All, Pantera Cowboys From Hell, Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet, Dido No Angel, Lords of Acid Lust, Bethoveen 9th Symphony, Garth Brooks Ropin The Wind, 2 Live Crew As Nasty as they Want to Be, Sacred Warrior Masters Command, Anthrax Persistence of Time, there are more but these were the important.

So what are your ten best? I would love to know.

Mike C

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yes Jump.  A huge hit that grabbed most of America back in 1984 by a little band named Van Halen.  That is 30 years ago people.  Lot has happened for us in 30 years hasn't it.  Perhaps for some of us less or more than that depending on the amount of time we have spent on this Earth.

One thing I remember 30 years ago was in fact that video along with a few others.  My love for music was discovered through the art of the music video as every Friday night when Johnny Carson was over, Friday Night Videos would come on.  I would happily take in the craziness of songs on TV.  My father went as far as to hook up his stereo so he could record shows on his 8 track player.  It was the coolest show ever.  It was new.  It was exciting.  Sure MTV made its debut in 1981, but how many of us had cable at the time?  Eventually we all got cable, MTV was the bomb, and the rest as they say was history.

Here is a great question.  Has anything wowed us that much since, or have we come to expect changes as we grow?  Well sure, there have been changes in music, television, movies, communications, computers, but how about lately?  What has been the most innovative thing you can think of?

Social networking definitely has to be up there.

Social networking has given people abilities they did not have before.  We find our long lost friends from high school, we can communicate with total strangers about things we share interests in, we can broadcast anything on the internet and anyone can view it.  It has definitely become the norm of how America does things.

So what's next?  What is the next big idea?

I have always been one to push people to act on their ideas.  When I developed my "character" if you will back at the beginning of the new millennium, I was never afraid of what the end result would be.  I would push the limits.  Ignore the consequences.  Then I guess I grew up so they tell me.

However, with little money and a big mouth, I got people talking.  Some people would just adore my show or hate my guts.  However, people were missing the point of what I was trying to accomplish.  I wanted to show people anyone could do it.  If you have a dream, go after it.

So the big question, why did I stop?

Well, I listened to too many people.  I wanted to make it in radio traditionally speaking and people told me my act was too controversial or too obnoxious.  So I tried to tone it down, and for one season of television I did.  I was proud of what I accomplished, but it wasn't me.  So instead of being this show full of journalistic integrity, I turned it into a freak show.  I had a lot of fun with it.  However, it wasn't the same as my first creation which everyone knows as SRTV.

Then I became a father and that became the most important.  Sure, I hung on to my radio dream with my last breath, but eventually it would run its course.  Vic was left alone all day long with the baby and I would miss seeing her grow, so I chose what I thought was more important.

At the end of the day, I made the right choice.  You only get once chance to be a great father.  I was given what I believed at the time to be a great opportunity.  However, things do happen for a reason and this opportunity made me see what really was important.  My family > my dream.  As long as you live and you dream, you're still alive.  This is why I chose the new job and gave up radio.  I still had a weekend gig which was cool, and was able to broadcast a family show with Vic and Jersey too.  However, my passion became the business I was involved in which looking back was sort of a mistake.  I will explain sort of one day.

What is the point of telling you all of this?

When I made these decisions in my life, I just did it.  Sure some thought went into it, but I wouldn't let fear stop me from attempting to win.  I'd like you to think about my situations how they relate to you and tell me which path did you take?  What road did you choose?  Did it bring you back to where you started or did you go a totally different direction?  What I would like for you to take note in is how long did it take for you to come to your decision?  What was the main motivation?

Once you have done that, I would like you to remember all of this for your next fork in the road.  Remember, our road only stops when we die.  We are the dreamers.  We are the doers.  We are the ones who make magic happen.  Magic by definition is a special power influence or skill.  It does not have to be sorcery.  Magic happens everyday. Sometimes, you need to make your own.

Find your Copperfield friends.  Find it fast.

Mike C