Saturday, January 18, 2014


Advertisements infiltrate the human soul.  Everywhere you look, you are being targeted.  Many corporations out there want you to buy products.  Some you may need, others you may want, but in the end the question has to be asked like in Fight Club "is this essential to our survival in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word?"

Ads play off of emotion, and we are walking balls of emotion.  Whether we want to admit it or not.  Some people are like me who wear it on their sleeve, others keep their feelings locked in deep, but they feel.  Everyone does.  It cannot be denied.  They want you to buy the product, no matter the cost, quality, or whatever.  An ad wants to make you feel like you need a product to become a better person, but in the end, you're just a sale.

Before I continue, can you imagine what the world would be like if you had ads like this that would tell the truth...

Yes I laugh my ass off every time I see that too.

Point is, the majority of us lack confidence, lack discipline, lack a certain comfort about ourselves.  People need IPhones to feel special.  If you are not wearing Victoria's Secret, then you are not as sexy as a woman because being sexy for a woman should be a secret right?  Men over 40, you need to be having sex so take a pill.  Many 40 year old men just want to come home and watch TV and hit the bar with the boys.  Kids, TOYS TOYS TOYS.  Now that one is not fair because when kids see something cool ad or not, they want it!  Believe me they do.  The walls in my house tell me so due to all the toys crawling up it.

I personally think that each of us is special.  We all have different talents and features we bring to the table that makes us who we are, and we need to learn how to be proud of those things without the help of buying that car that might get us a hand job from a stranger.  We need to learn how to be interesting without wearing that fragrance that the dude that women were gushing over during the Superbowl was wearing.  It's hard in this day an age because the deck is stacked against us common folk, but it comes from sheer will and heart to rise above the madness and ascend into greatness.

You need to know that you are great.  You have lots of love to give, you have lots of experiences to share, and you were made special.  What you should do when you wake up every day is write down three things that you like love about yourself and three goals you would like to accomplish.  Perhaps you can say them aloud on your way to where your day takes you.  Repeat them throughout the day.  Your confidence will spread and others will begin to see you the way you see yourself.  It's very hard believe me I know.  I have the worst self esteem and it stems from having a childhood where people made fun of me, and having decades of people in my family tell me that things were unattainable.

I remember back in school, I read a book called "Positioning" and I still have it. I believe in the power of advertising.  I would work in it and thrive in it, but I don't like the idea of pushing products on people when they simply don't need them.  It's up to us to turn off the sales pitch.  It's up to us to stop being a credit card number and be a person. Do we have time for this crap?  Hell no.  The distractions of life are fun, but not necessary.

So person to person, let me tell you something. You can do it.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself why you like being you.  You don't have to be like Mike, you have to learn to be you and ask yourself how am I going to make the most of it.  There is something special in all of us waiting to bust out.  Instead of being controlled by the ads, become the ad.  Show yourself off to the world.  Show why people need to buy into you.  Show people why you're truly the best.  Turn off the TV, turn on your peers.  Do it!  It will be fun.

I have faith you will succeed.  I know you will.

Mike C

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