Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So I had an Alexander day.

I read this book as a child and the title has stuck with me ever since.  Its the story of a boy who has well, a bad day.  Kind of like the one I had today.  Almost got into an accident, found out some stuff about work, had a hard time arranging things.  I will break that down in just a moment.  The story of young Alex talks about moving to Australia throughout the book, much like I talk about moving to Florida.  The end of the story, Alexander's mother tells him that people have bad days in Australia as well.

How does this relate to me?  It doesn't.  I had a bad day like the kid in the book, that's all.

However, I did tell you about my bad day, and I felt hopeless today.  Defeated.  In fact, when I went shopping for groceries, I lost my cart in the store.  Don't ask me how, but I did.  It happened because I carried my emotional baggage with me throughout the day.  I never claimed to be an expert on this blog or someone you can go to for the answers.  I just write what I feel.  So if you came here looking to be inspired by someone perfect, you won't get that here, or anywhere else for that matter.

I decided I would break down my day and talk about each incident separately.

Almost got into an accident.  Driving down Gary Rd which was icy as hell, I slid on the ice.  I either was hitting the car or the snow bank.  I hit a hard right and went right up a snowbank and got my car stuck and almost flipped over.  The silver lining is that no damage on car, I did not get hurt. Sure I paid $80 for the towing,  However, I will be getting reimbursed.  So I came out OK.

As far as having a hard time arranging things, I will get another shot at it tomorrow.  What happened yesterday doesn't matter today so it shouldn't affect tomorrow.  I am good at arranging things, therefore I will rise up and conquer tomorrow.

Found out about something that pissed me off at work.  Yeah, kind of trivial thing, but it annoyed me and put me in a funk.  I can't change it, it happened.  I was not part of the reason it happened, I had no control over the situation, therefore, why should I be mad about it.  Just go back and look at the positives about the job versus the things that happen due to the actions of others.

The point is, I just listed everything that pissed me off today and looking back, its not all that bad.  It stung at the moment, but no need for me to dwell.  This is something I am working on.

If you are upset, list the things you are upset about.  Once you break it all down, ask yourself three questions.

  • Is this going to kill me
  • Is this going to kill those I love
  • Is this going to kill everyone around me 
If you answer no to all three, you most likely will be OK.  I know I will be.  I will not be moving anywhere.  I am right where I want to be right now.

Mike C

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  1. Very well said Mike. I believe yesterday was our Monday, lol. As you say, stay poitive and look ahead. Remember the sun has to peek out from around the cloud sooner or later, I perfer sooner. :)