Friday, February 7, 2014


I believe you need to work hard to make things work.

Just because you work hard doesn't always mean it has to be hard.

It is 2:26 am and I am still awake.  I just nailed down an expense report for my job, filled out some other paperwork, gone over the contract for my wedding, made rice krispy treats for Jersey to take to school, got some clothes together and manly ironing them (using the wrinkle free cycle in the dryer) and getting ready to crash.

Sure I'm tired but damn do I feel accomplished.

That sense of accomplishment is like a high to me.  We are starting a new contract at work and I am chomping at the bit to get it off.  This along wth other occupational challenges are pushing me to points I never thought I would go.  It helps me discover strength I never had.

Every person on this Earth has that something inside of them that gives them the push.  That motivational to get shit done.  Luckily that's the case for most of us.  In other parts of the country/world, its a will to survive life.  To breathe, to thrive.  Many of us don't need to worry about it and take the gift of life for granted.  I know I say over and over again, every day is a fricking gift.

I just wanted to say to you that working hard is fun, as long as its for the right reasons.  I also need to remind you the importance of finding time to relax and do things for yourself.  Sometimes you need to tell the job enough.  Set some boundaries.  It is very difficult, but it needs to be done.  You need time to play hard as well.

The most important thing to work hard at is enjoying life.  Spending time with loved ones.  Laughing and enjoying as much as you can.  Always remember that is the one job you have that never goes away, and pays you tenfold more than some corporation can give you.

Mike C

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