Friday, February 7, 2014


So have you found love in your life?  I did.  Almost 21 years ago.

First off, full disclosure.  I used this title because Slide In It is a kick ass album.

OK, it was a hot summer night in 1997. She showed up to my doorstep with a buddy.  I wanted her to come back the next day and have pancakes with me.  She thought I was weird.  She thought I was trying to blow her off.  We eventually got together and went out and hung out.  It was awesome.

She taught me so many things about life.  However, 7 seven years after we got together, she taught me the most important thing.

There was a good guy inside of me that could be loved.

Through our ups and downs, the craziness in our lives, and challenges that were thrown at us.  There was one thing that always was in the back of my mind.  I have always been crazy about her.  And 21 years later, you bet your ass I still am.

So why did we wait 21 years to get married?  Easy, marriage was never important to us.  She always said "I don't God and the law to back up how much I love you."  However, we are due for one hell of a party.  And the kids are going to love it.

We want this to be a special day not for a new beginning for us.  It's a celebration of a candle that has burnt bright for decades.  We complete each other.  She is my absolute best friend.  My partner in crime.  The mother of my children.  The closest thing I have ever had to a sister, and thank God she isn't my sister.  That would be wrong.  I feel I have grown leaps and bounds since my teenage years and early twenties, and I owe much of this to her.  Sometimes I don't think she understands the gravity she has had in my life.

So this wedding coming up isn't me finally throwing in the towel and making her an honest woman.  She is the most honest woman I know.  This isn't her trapping me.  She had me trapped the day she met me.

Hope you're ready to celebrate love.  Hug your family, friends, and significant others.  Love is everywhere.  You just need to find it.  I hope you do.  In the meantime, celebrate us.  Two wonderful kids came out of it.

Mike C

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