Thursday, February 20, 2014


Here in Chicago, four words best sum up the winter.  This weather really sucks.

We have had polar vortexs, huge snowfalls, only to be followed up by a storm going on now with lots of wind and rain to boot.  I keep hearing the wonderful sound of our sump pump and the wind banging on windows.

The weather can make you depressed.  I really wrestle with it every winter.  I need to be surronded by sunshine constantly.  This is a huge reason why I want to move to Florida.  Hawaii, if not so expensive, would be a viable option as well.

However some times you play the hand you are dealt and you try to make the best of it.  And sometimes you need to be grateful of a few things and it puts it in perspective for you.

The winter night can be quite a sight, and many out there cannot see it because they are blind.

I don't have to be in the cold 24/7 because I am fortunate enough to provide that for my family, but many are not as lucky as me.

I drive my car to work, some people have to walk.  Worse yet, there are some people who cannot walk.

Many people spend this time of year alone.  I have a family that I can share good times with.

I am reminding myself that I am blessed.  Although I wish I can be somewhere else right now, I can't become depressed or spiteful because of the climate.  Weather is a problem we all deal with in some capacity.  I thank God that I can breath the cold air that's suffocating but I can go inside and walk it off.  There are others not as lucky.

Climate won't change me, and I pray to God he help those who need help.

Mike C

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