Monday, February 17, 2014


How nice can you be to someone?  Can you put yourself out there to really help?  Have you ever?

Tonight I was on a long trek home after a couple of appointments and I stopped at one of my favorite places, Pita Inn.  I went to get a sandwich and there was this woman who ordered food for her family and they kept telling her something was wrong with her credit card.  She plead with the cashier to run her card again and he did, but it was the same result, declined.  She ran outside frantically to call her husband and came back in to say that her husband said there was enough money.  The cashier disagreed.  She seemed very upset.

I went into my pocket, whipped out my credit card and paid for her meal.  The cashier and the woman didn't know how to react.  When asked why, my response:

You can't go into the Pita Inn and leave without food.  

The woman was very grateful and she thanked me and left.

One of the things I have learned in life is when you put positive energy into the universe, it comes back.

I got Jersey to sleep tonight and then had to go outside to shovel my driveway buried under at least a foot of snow.  I got halfway through it with my shovel when my neighbor across the street walked over and asked if I could use help.  He had a snowplow.  I said sure and he came over and finished off the driveway.  We introduced ourselves, shook hands, had a beer and called it a night.

A nice end to a trying day of white knuckle driving.  I did not get home until late, but I did get to hang out with the kids a little bit, and saw my beautiful soon to be wife as well.

It's days like this that are special.  When you put that positive energy into play and it comes back.  You pay it forward, and someone follows you.  From what I hear it was a crappy movie, but the concept was simple and wonderful.

Find ways to take care of people when you can.  Whether you fill up their gas, help them with food, hold a door open; every move you make can and will affect others around you.  It's always important to think about what you would like someone to do.

There is so much negativity in our world.  However, we can all make a difference together if we learn how to watch out for each other, and make life better for one person per day.  

I started this today.  It's up to you to never break the chain.  Keep the movement alive.  Do something wonderful for someone.  Random acts of kindness can be the best thing in someone's day.  Life is about making people smile.  

So make someone smile today.

Mike C

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